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Governor Pat McCrory signs HB 483, one of NCHBA’s key bills from the 2016 legislative session. Joining him are (L-R) NCHBA President Brian Pace, NCHBA Land Development Committee Chairman Rob Weintraub, NCHBA Director of Government Affairs Tim Minton, NCHBA President-Elect Gary Embler, and NCHBA Executive Vice President and General Counsel Mike Carpenter.

2017 NCHBA Legislative Victories


During the 2017 Session NCHBA was able to defeat, stop or amend proposed legislation which was harmful to the building industry.


The legislative team for NCHBA worked with pro-housing legislators  in an effort to keep housing as affordable as possible.


The following is a brief summary of NCHBA’s major victories in 2017:


 (Session Law 2016-111; this provision is effective 07/22/16).


HB 252 (Building Code Regulatory Reform) - The legislation refines and clarifies several provisions in previous legislation which NCHBA sought and which passed in 2015 (S.L. 2015-145) as well as enacting several new provisions:

1. No grandfathering of inspections prohibited by S.L. 2013-118;

2. Provides more flexibility for field inspection of building component;

3. No additional certification required by a licensed engineer or architect for previously certified component or element;

4. Allows building permit holder choice between new and old interpretation for project under construction;


SB 628 (Various Changes to Revenue) - The legislation makes clarifying changes in the definition of remodeling, as well as adding specific exemptions such as decks and patios to projects exempt from sales tax on labor.


HB 436 (Local Government Regulatory Fees) - Provides authority for local governments to impose lawful water and sewer capacity fees in the future but under a new structure which has clear standards and limitations.


HB 406 (Repeal Orange County Impact Fee) - The legislation repeals previous legislative authority granted in 1987 to Orange County to impose impact fees. As a result of passage of this local bill, Orange County will no longer be able to collect impact fees. For example, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school system will no longer be able to impose a school impact fee of nearly $12,000 per single-family dwelling.


HB 26 (Workers Comp/Fix the Wilkes Decision)

The legislation restored the presumption that had existed before Wilkes v. City of Greenville and correctly places the burden back on the injured employee to prove that any future damage claimed to arise from the workplace injury did, in fact, arise from the original injury.


SB 489 (Clarify Workers Comp. Cancellation Policy) - Allows an insurer to affect a valid cancellation by sending a first-class letter, and an email if the address is known, to the insured at the same time the certified or registered mail is sent.


HB 707 (Lien Agent/Notice of Cancellation) - The bill requires a potential lien claimant who has filed a Notice to Lien Agent to cancel that notice within a reasonable time after the entity filing the notice has confirmed receipt of final payment for the improvement to which the notice relates. Cancellation will be accomplished on the website used to file the original notice.


SB 16 (Business Regulatory Reform Act of 2017) - Includes:  An improvement permit or authorization for wastewater system construction issued by a local health department from January 1, 2000, to January 1, 2015, which has not been acted on and would have otherwise expired, shall remain valid until January 1, 2020, without penalty, unless there are changes in the hydraulic flows or wastewater characteristics from the original local health department evaluation. Permits are transferrable with ownership of the property. Permits shall retain the site, soil evaluations, and construction conditions of the original permit.


SB 131 (Regulatory Reform Act of 2016-2017) - The legislation encompasses a provision that would update the general contractors licensing law which contains NCHBA-sought language clarifying that the determination of project cost for intermediate or limited license excludes the cost of land and any ancillary costs to improve the land.


HB 56 (Amend Environmental Laws) - Of particular interest to our coastal builders is a provision which would establish a coastal storm damage mitigation fund that would be used for beach re-nourishment, artificial dunes and other projects to help alleviate coastal storm damage.


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Legislative Affairs


As a member of the Home Builders Association of Northeastern North Carolina your legislative and regulatory interests are well represented by the associations partnership with the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).


On the local level we have our Legislative Committee who concentrate  on issues specific to Camden, Currituck, Pasquotank, Perquimans and Chowan Counties.  Our mission is simple—to protect the affordability of housing while enhancing the economic and social benefit to the community.


  • Construction and Business Issues
  • Environmental and Land-Use Issues
  • Tax and Revenue Issues
  • Building Code Issues


NCHBA's legislative team works to protect our members’ interests.


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